Ametek/ B/W Level Measurement:
Image Of Ametek Digital Measuring Probe - Ross & Pethtel

Continuous Level Measurement - 7230 HT Digital Probe

Measure Condensate, Oil and Water, and other Mixed-Liquid Tanks.

• No Calibration Required
• Provides Total Level, Interface Level and up to 5 Temperatures
• Independent of Changes in Process Material’s Electrical Characteristics and Densities
• Modbus RTU, and Proprietary ASCII Digital Protocols Available
• High Temperature Applications
• Temperature Range to 257ºF
• High Accuracy of 0.01%

Ametek Pro Stik II Sensor Photo - Ross & Pethtel

Continuous Level Measurement - 7330 Pro-Stik II

Pro-Stik II - Intrinsically Safe Programmable Linear Position Sensor
The Series 7330 Pro-Stik II supersedes the 7220 and 7300. This product combines the reliability and resolution of magnetostrictive continuous absolute positioning sensing with the Stik package to create a unique level measuring instrument.
The magnetostrictive technology is the same as used in Gemco LDT sensors. Ametek liquid level sensors, have been proven in demanding applications such as underground leak detection and inventory management. The 7330 is available with a rigid 316 stainless steel or flexible PVDF materials.

Ametek Electrode Holders Image - Ross & Pethtel

Point Level Conductivity - 6012 Electrode Holders

Electrode Holders Series 6012

B/W Controls offers a variety of electrode holders to meet mounting, pressure, and temperature requirements. Most holders have watertight protection for conduit or cable entrance.  Ametek offers holders and electrodes in many different materials for the most corrosive or high temperature applications.

Ametek Electrode Sensors Photo - Ross & Pethtel

Point Level Conductivity - 6013 Electrodes Sensors

Electrodes Sensors Series 6013 

The B/W electrode sensors are available in several varieties: solid rod (rigid), wire suspension, and standard gland plugs for high vibration applications.  In addition, we offer custom options made per customer’s requirements.  Electrodes made from 316SS, Brass, Monel, Nickel, Carpenter 20, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, and Titanium provide compatibility for almost all applications and environments.  We cover the sewage pumping stations, elevated tanks, shallow and deep wells, hydropneumatic tank, storm drain type, cooling towers and many more applications.

Point Level Floats - 7010 Tilt Switch Float Assemblies

7010 Tilt Switch Float Assemblies- The B/W Controls Float Switches are tilt actuated liquid level controls, designed to operate pumps, valves, multiple alternators, relays, contactors, alarms and similar equipment for industrial and commercial use.  The wide angle, tilt-option uses a mechanical switch inside the float, while a hermetically sealed, axially nonposition-sensitive mercury switch is the narrow angle option.  These floats provide a reliable, long-lasting level control suitable for most liquid environments up to 160 F. 

Ametek 7014 Unifloat Sensors

Point Level Floats - 7014 Unifloat Level Float Sensors

7014 Unifloat  - The B/W Unifloat level sensing system was developed especially to permit simple, low-cost installation and ease of adjustment in service for a broad range of applications requiring accurate multiple function/multiple level control of any type of liquid.   The unique design of the patented Unifloat features a Latching Reed Switch that eliminates the need for multiple floats to indicate various switch points. 

Ametek 7100 Leak Detect Stick OEM Product Continuous Level Measurement - 7100 Leak Detect Stik

Leak Detect Stik - The 7100 Stik Liquid Level Sensor takes field proven magnetostrictive sensing technology and packages it in a revolutionary new way for greater reliability and for easy installation and mounting.                                                                                                            
All sensor electronics are SMT components integrated into the 5/8” diameter sensing tube. This breakthrough in package design eliminates the bulky electronics enclosure at the top of the sensor and offers you greater options for insertion.

Ametek 7250 Digital Stik Image - Ross & Pethtel

OEM Product Continuous Level Measurement - 7250 Digital Stik

Digital Stik - The 7250 Digital Stiks take field proven magnetostrictive sensing technology and packages it for greater reliability and easier installation. It is ideal for liquid level monitoring, interface level and leak detection in a variety of liquid media in above ground and underground storage tanks. This series has an inherently lower cost design which results in savings. It provides the same performance and reliability as sensors that consume more power.