Heating & Heater FAQs

At Ross & Pethtel, Inc., we have been supplying industrial heaters and engineering services for over 50 years. Our clients often have questions regarding our products and services. Below is some basic information that can answer initial questions or concerns you may have. However, we always welcome you to contact one of our heating experts for a more in-depth answer.

Do you have any heaters in stock?

Yes, we have many heaters in stock that are ready to ship out to you today. With a range of makes and models available, we can assess your needs and offer advice so that you get the most appropriate product for your property and needs. Alongside our extensive inventory, we also have assembly stock and made to order heaters. With custom work, you'll always get exactly what you need. Browse our industrial heater page for more information.

Do you sell explosion-proof heaters?

Yes. We have explosion-proof heaters that come in comfort heat and enclosure heat. We also offer process heat models. Our team can help advise you on which system is most appropriate for your needs.

What type of metals do the strip heaters come in?

Our strip heaters come in rust-resistant iron and chrome steel sheaths. These are perfect solutions for underfloor heating.

Do you offer a manufacturer's warranty?

Yes. We offer a warranty for 12 months from the date of shipment, and it covers workmanship and defects. Should you have an issue with a product you purchased, please give us a call. We'll honor the terms of the warranty.

Do you offer turnkey projects?

Yes. With a completed system with minimal setup and installation, you have less to worry about. We prepare products for our customers and provide custom design for your convenience.

Can you design a heating system?

Yes. We design systems from process to comfort heating applications. With a custom design, you can ensure that the product system you invest in is the most appropriate heating system for your commercial property. We'll help you determine what type of system needs to be built.

What are your heater capabilities?

Our heaters start at 50 watts and go up to 10 MW. If you are unsure of what your needs are, we can discuss what you're looking for and advise you on an appropriate system.

Do you offer project start up and field services?

Yes. In addition to our product sales and shipping, we also offer start up and maintenance contracts. This can ensure that the installation of your system is completed by trained, experienced professionals. Should you require maintenance or repairs, you can also call upon our team to deliver high quality work.

Do you provide local technical support?

Yes. We have an applications engineer available to help you over the phone as well as make calls to your location site. We are happy to help you troubleshoot an issue or address any concerns you may have. We can also visit your property to assess your needs as well.

What type of heat trace systems do you sell?

We sell all types of heat trace systems including self-regulating cable, constant wattage cable and mineral insulation cable. We have extensive experience selling, installing, and maintaining heat trace systems from the simplest to the most complex projects, including micro-process or multi-loop control panels. Learn more about your heat trace options.

If you don't see your question answered here, call one of our trained staff members todayl. We are experts on the products we're selling, and when we get to know you and your unique needs, we can provide the best solution and advice. Learn more about Ross & Pethtel, a leading authority in heating applications.