Petrin Specs & Fabrication Methods

PETRIN Corporation's Thermo Cover Division’s sole business is the custom fabrication of removable and reusable insulation covers.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality product and service available.  We can fabricate many different types of removable covers that can readily meet your specifications and insulation requirements.

Typical uses for Thermo Covers are thermal distribution, underground piping, thermal protection, steam piping, valves and flanges and instrument covers.


PETRIN Thermo Covers are designed and fabricated using the highest quality materials available.  The following is a brief description of some of the materials commonly used in the fabrication of Thermo Covers.  The specific materials to be used in a given cover will depend upon the application and temperature limits of that application.  Many different materials and combinations of materials are available from which to fabricate removable insulation covers.

1.     Weather Barrier: (Outside surface of the cover exposed to the weather)

a. Silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth
b. Teflon coated fiberglass or nomex cloth
c. Pure Teflon material
d. Fiberglass cloth    

2.     Liner: (Inside surface of the cover next to the item being insulated)

a. Silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth
b. Teflon coated fiberglass or nomex cloth
c. Pure Teflon material
d. Fiberglass Cloth
e.Stainless steel wire mesh
f. Aluminum foil/Fiberglass cloth laminate
g. Stainless steel foil/Fiberglass cloth laminate

3.      Insulation:

a. Fiberglass mat 9-11 pound density
b. Ceramic Fiber
c. Hygroscopic foam (will not wick water)

4.     Securement:  (Those items used to hold a cover together)

a. Teflon coated fiberglass or Teflon thread
b. Straps made of same material as the weather barrier
c. Velcro
d. Stainless steel rectangular buckles
e. Drawcord
f. Stainless steel quilt pins
g. Stainless steel lacing anchors, washers and tie wire
h. Stainless steel wire mesh and hog rings

5.     Fabrication:

a.   Sewn style fabrication with inside seams except the closing seam.  The
cover jacket is fabricated inside out and then turned outside out.

b.   Hog ring style fabrication

c.   Combination of sewn and hog ring style


PETRIN Thermo Covers are fabricated to provide ease of removal and replacement while maintaining features to minimize heat loss and maximize efficiency.  Thermo covers can be fabricated many different ways depending upon the materials used, the application and the customers’ specifications.  Listed below are some of the common traits one will find throughout all of PETRIN’S Thermo Covers.

a. Inside seams (except closing seam)
b. Drawstring flaps for closure over adjacent insulation or piping.
c. Seam flaps covering the closing seam and penetration seams.
d. Velcro strips to hold the strap in place after the strap has been secured through the buckle.
e. Double-stitched seams.
f. Valve bodies and bonnets sewn in one piece.
g. A one year warranty on quality of workmanship and materials.


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